Cut Down On Tiring Thoughts

Sep 06 2013 posted by David
Cut Down On Tiring Thoughts

People Who Send You To Sleep –

Most of us have, from time to time, experienced conversations with depressing people that send us to sleep. During these moments it can be as if you are losing the will to live and just want to switch off until the other person goes away. The principle reason for this is that the other person is, in some way or another, talking garbage interspersed with depressing half-truth. Most of all, they are complaining relentlessly.

Are You Complaining To Yourself ? –

The strange thing about complaining to yourself is that, like the above person talking garbage, you will find that you have a great capacity for it. In fact, you will often find that you are complaining to yourself as a matter of habit. So you will be identifying things to complain about in order to justify the complaining.

Does It Matter ? –

Most readers will have experienced a computer running slowly. You want the computer to quickly perform a useful task, but it can't do so because it is clogged up. Similarly, if you complain, you clog up the insights and emotional energies which can resolve the original irritation. There is no harm in being irritated or upset to begin with, because that has the potential to stimulate a positive response. The mistake is keep moaning about the problem to yourself and other people, because that actually sends everyone to sleep.

Change Your Response –

Once you have got past the initial annoyance, realise that there might be some benefit to be had. In the end you will sort most problems out one way or another. The complaining merely increases the time it takes to do that. Keep this simple and blindingly obvious fact in mind and realise that cutting down on complaining thoughts can only have an uplifting effect on you.

Stop wasting your own time and money on futile grumbling. Work with us, and we will give you a few exercises which will help you immediately cut down on the internal complaining.


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Jenny - Sep 22 2013 03:00:44 PM

Another awesome blog.... Didn't realize english guys were into psychic work. Good to be working with you JEN XXX

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