World Without Certainty

Aug 29 2013 posted by David
World Without Certainty


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End of the old system -

The world did not end in 2012. But the world as you might have known it did. Before 2012 there was a great deal of predictability to what was occurring. It was possible to look into the future with reasonable ease and accuracy. The only limitation was what you were prepared to know; i.e. If your destiny was something you could accept, you were open to knowing it.


The New System -

You could understand it as forced, or at the very least encouraged, development. Mankind is often accused of being largely asleep. This refers to what is often described as a walking sleep state; i.e. You might look outwardly awake, but you are so submerged by fantasies, worries, and other distractions, that you notice very little. Meanwhile, mankind is being upgraded to have significantly better self-awareness. Individually what you will notice is that you are being subjected to a series of prods and shocks. All of which is intended to encourage you to employ and develop your higher awareness.


Life Without Certainty -

You have probably got comfortable in a well-established self-image of what you might think you are. Whilst this self-image was previously based on considerable certainty, that certainty is now removed. The old self-image provided a solid framework for what you thought you were, this had the advantage of continuity, but in other ways was a perceptual straightjacket. This perceptual straight jacket has a very limiting effect on developing your capabilities.


The Clouds Of Fear –

Before 2012, it was predicted that a new fear would descend, and that things would change for the better. Whether that was, especially under the circumstances, in any way accurate remains to be seen. What you will notice is that it is very easy to find yourself subsumed in fear. The only way to deal with this fear is to:

  1. Let go of your old self-image.
  2. Adopt a new personality which deals effectively with the issues in hand.


New Growth -

In horticulture, pruning a plant can encourage new and vibrant growth. You are going to experience a great deal of pruning, hence considerable new growth. The image chosen for this blog is that of a person who is refusing to grow and adapt. You might for example experience depression, but that is actually part of an energy promoting exciting new growth and development. It is a very stark choice, where clinging on to whatever you might think makes life very difficult, whilst adapting to the new environment beings huge benefits. The Earth's history is littered with examples of species and races that died out because of a failure to adapt, allowing new ones to emerge and flourish as a result.


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Jenny - Sep 22 2013 02:59:20 PM

HEHE I was really scared end of 2012... how silly was I. Glad we are still here and living life to the max. JEN XXX

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